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We are currently a team of more than 20 client advocates, paralegals, and attorneys, with the goal to be over 100 within the next 5 years. Our entire team at Xavier + Associates uses a client framework that we feel leads to better legal services, a better customer experience, and a better working environment for our people to be passionate about.

If you want to learn why let’s quickly go through our past. Over ten years ago, our team realized that DWI’s were being treated like they were simple traffic tickets. Our founder wanted to have a practice focused around representing the good people who made a mistake and had a lapse of judgment and made a mistake.

Since the start, the DWI GUY has been focused on educating the public as to the dangers Driving while Intoxicated, and if finding themselves on the wrong side of the law, explaining the risks of treating a DWI as a traffic ticket. The brand, in it’s simplest form, represents an attorney’s desire not only to handle a DWI or DWAI-Drugs charges but to become a true advocate for the clients, all while holding the government accountable.  We feel this brand helps level the playing field for our clients and gives them a fair chance.

Through years of advertising and educating the community as to the dangers of drinking and driving, in 2016, just 10 years after the firm was established, DWI arrested plummeted close to 30%. In a business that was built in representing people charged with DWI, this  was remarkable and made us proud as we were never advocates for drinking and driving, but more so advocating for the good people who made mistakes and needed someone to give them a second change to be able to make an impact in the lives of others.

Our team is continuing to build an exceptional framework for legal services that will continue to transcend legal services and offer a product that makes it easier for the consumer.

In 2017, our team’s hard work and dedication to the communities we serve, we were awarded one of the Best Companies to work for, by the Central New York’s Business Journal News Network and Biz Eventz.