Proven Team that provides Results through Advocacy.

The DWI GUYS create an attorney/client partnership that we feel leads to better communication, a better customer experience, and a potentially faster, better results.


Our process is simple:

We have revolutionized how people connect with attorneys, and by doing so, we help make decisions in hiring an attorney for a DWI or DWAI-Drugs case easier and safer.

  1. We focus on ensuring that you need an attorney. If you do not need an attorney, we will not take your money.
  2. If you do need an attorney, we work to ensure the cost fits into your budget.
  3. We allow you to pay over time if needed.
  4. Our legal teams have the experience of overcoming the concerns that you may have.
  5. We will work towards helping determine the goals of legal representation.
  6. If we can’t find a way to advocate for you on the initial call or feel that we can’t help you, we won’t take your money.
  7. We provide clients with a full refund if unhappy with anything within the first 48 hours.


This approach, Nave Law’s oversight, and our knowledge over the sector provide clients with the highest satisfaction in having the DWI GUYS represent them.


It is not so easy to find a DWI attorney. People sometimes treat, and attorneys represent DWI charges as if they were simple traffic tickets. As a result, it can dramatically affect someone’s job, finances, freedom, and their ability to be valued members of our society.

With the government having access to an unlimited amount of resources to convict people, many times, people are forced to plead guilty to something that they either were not guilty of or something that would affect the rest of their life.

That’s why if you are facing a DWI charge, you need a competent, experienced, and respected attorney to defend you.  The DWI GUYS are comprised of some of the most accomplished DWI professionals in New York state.  Since 2018, Nave Law Firm has brought together these exceptional professionals as The DWI GUYS to offer DWI defense services of the highest order.  With Nave Law Firm’s leadership, The DWI GUYS provide our clients with seamless service using the most cutting edge defense strategies in seeking the best outcome possible in their case.

Why work with the DWI GUYS?

DWI laws apply universally to all courthouses in New York. However, every courthouse has its own culture and expectations about how a DWI case should be prosecuted and punished.  The local attorneys for the DWI GUYS have worked in courts throughout the counties in New York and have intricate knowledge of the culture, rules, and procedures prevalent in each courthouse. They know how to pitch their case and tailor a defense accordingly. The attorneys that represent the DWI GUYS have also fostered and developed a professional relationship with the judges, court staff, and prosecutors of each courthouse.

The attorneys with the DWI GUYS understand the stress involved in facing criminal charges. They particularly understand the complexities and complications of fighting a DWI case. For that reason, our attorneys are accessible to clients, answering their calls directly and promptly. Our staff provides moral and emotional support to clients at every stage of a DWI proceeding – from the inception of the case to post-conviction progress reports.

A fundamental tent belief of the leadership team with the DWI GUYS is to offer a DWI attorney who provides high-quality representation for a fair fee.  We don’t want people to have to sacrifice their representation and potentially their future over not having the funds upfront, so if needed, we can offer payment options.  It’s simple – we put people before profits.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a DWI or any other driving offense, contact the DWI GUYS.  We will carefully examine the specifics of your case, and if we do not feel we can help you, we will not take any money.

Contact us anytime 24/7/365 by calling 1-800-570-1810

We are dedicated to reducing or dismissing your charges. Contact us today for a FREE case analysis.


The DWI GUYS are a team of attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, and advocates dedicated to understanding that mistakes happen and that people may need a little help rebuilding their lives after an arrest.  Nave Law has operated the DWI GUYS since 2018 and now brings a level of service unmatched as they focus on putting people before profits.

The attorneys that represent our clients have dedicated a large portion of their practice to the defense of drug and alcohol cases. The average legal experience for an attorney with the DWI GUYS is more than ten years, and the total combined experience in New York is more than 200 years. Some of these attorneys are former or active judges, former prosecutors, or current/retired police officers, and are experienced with both negotiations and trial work.


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