Denise R. Barrientos

Firm Administrator

Denise prides herself on believing that it’s not what happens that makes you who you are; it is what you make of what happens. She is proud to assist clients with the process of what has happened and how she can help them make the best of it

In her role as a Firm Administrator, Denise will work to ensure a smooth transition into the legal teams that we feel is best suited to reach our client’s goals and overcome their concerns.  Part of this process will include overseeing all direct account receivable strategies.  In doing so, she will help our clients can fit legal services in their budget, ensuring that they don’t have to sacrifice the quality of one’s representation over money.

Additionally, Denise will use her 12 years of legal experience in several areas of law to provide legal support to our legal teams.



  • OCM Boces, Certificate in Paralegal & Accounting and Bookkeeping