Meghan A. Lavin

Attorney-Family Law

Meghan’s passion for helping others started early and was reflected in her substantial volunteer work throughout high school. Meghan’s community involvement was so vast that she was named Monroe County’s Youth Citizen of the Year in 2016. She dedicated herself to causes that helped kids learn leadership skills and Special Olympic Ski Instructing.

Meghan started her undergraduate career at St. Joseph’s University, where she was on the Women’s Rowing Team. After her first year, she transferred to Nazareth College, where she spent two years earning degrees in Legal Studies and Community and Youth Development. She spent many studies on trauma-informed care and the intersection between incarcerated youth and their social and emotional development. In her free time, she coached a high school rowing team in the area.

While completing her undergrad, Meghan worked as a Youth Mentor in a charter school in Rochester. In this role, she supported 25-30 high-risk, low-income middle school students with their social and emotional development and academic success and ensured that their 504 and IEP plans were being adhered to by the school. This job is what ultimately persuaded Meghan to pursue her Juris Doctorate so that she could be a better advocate for young people in the future.