Danelle Cerett
Danelle Cerett Paralegal

Mrs. Cerett attended Cayuga Community College before entering the workforce. Mrs. Cerett had a twelve-year career in retail management at Verizon Wireless. Mrs. Cerett wanted to have passion for what she was doing and when she was no longer getting satisfaction from her career, she decided to make a change. Mrs. Cerett enjoyed working with people but wanted to make a real difference in their lives. She decided to take her next path in lifr as a paralegal because she had an interest in the law and people’s rights since sitting on a Grand Jury many years ago. Mrs. Cerett left her career and went back to school to receive her Paralegal Certificate through Liberty University.

Mrs. Cerett believes everyone deserves to have their rights protected regardless of their situation. She enjoys helping people, especially in times of crisis. Mrs. Cerett believes that it is important that we give people guidance through difficult situations and wants to be involved in helping them move through the process of recovering from their mistakes.