Sometimes our reputation as trial attorneys is enough to achieve the desired result. In this case our client charged with a felony DWI and speeding. Our client was undergoing treatment for leukemia at the time. The original offer was a 5 days in jail and 5 years’ Probation. Our client had a limited criminal history and did not want a felony or Probation. We conducted Hearings and weakened the prosecution’s case. After the Hearing the offer was either the above offer or 60 days in jail with 3 year Probation on a misdemeanor. We rejected those offers and the trial was scheduled. When the trial was scheduled we were offered a misdemeanor 3 years’ Probation and no jail. We rejected that offer. We were then offered a misdemeanor with no jail or Probation and minimum fines. Our client accepted this offer, as that is what the client had hoped for all along.

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