Our client holds a Commercial Driver’s License (“CDL”) and drives a truck for a shipping company. After drinking some beers he was involved in a property damage accident and blew a .15 after consenting to a Breathalyzer test. He was ticketed with 2 counts DWI, Speed Not Reasonable/Prudent, and Refusal to Take Breath Test. Any alcohol related conviction would result in a one year loss of his CDL and loss of his employment. After our attorneys submitted equities to the ADA handling the case, our client was allowed to enter a plea to one count of Reckless Driving, along with 90 days SCRAM, and a $2,000 dollar donation to the Wounded Warrior Project. Our client was thrilled he was able to keep his job. He called yesterday to thank us for allowing him to keep his career and provide for his family. He had no problem with the donation since his son is currently a United States Marine.

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