Our client was pulled over and parked in a Thruway rest stop to send text messages when a Trooper knocked on his window and told him to exit the vehicle. Our client was told there had been a 911 call of “erratic driving” by a vehicle matching the description of the truck our client was driving. This report was made nearly 30 miles away from where our client was approached. Our client was compelled to take filed sobriety tests. He was told he failed these. He was also given a breathalyzer that yielded a .10 result. He was then arrested for DWI.

Nave DWI Defense Attorneys attorneys rejected the offer of DWAI, or Driving While Ability Impaired. Our trial team prepared and argued motions, maintaining that the “stop” of our client was not supported by sufficient evidence. The Judge agreed and the case against our client was dismissed in its entirety. Our client’s license was fully restored that same day.

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