Our client was driving home on snow-covered roads when she lost control of her vehicle and slid off the road, striking a snowbank. As a result of the accident she was knocked unconscious. Deputies arrived on the scene and awakened her so that they could conduct a DWI investigation. Despite having been in an accident our client was compelled to perform field sobriety tests and then refused the breathalyzer. She was charged with DWI, Refusal, and several other violations.

Our attorneys pointed out to the prosecution that our client should have been provided medical assistance and not forced to take part in a DWI arrest against herself. The prosecution reduced all charges to a single traffic infraction and our client paid a fine and surcharge. Due to the work of Nave DWI Defense Attorneys attorneys, the refusal our client was charged with was also dismissed, and the potential loss of her driver’s license for one year was averted.

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