Our client, a commercial driver with a CDL license, was parked by the side of the road in his truck. He had a passenger that was also a commercial driver who was about to take over driving. Our client had a beer in his hand that he was drinking with his lunch. Despite this explanation, and the testimony of the other driver, officers who arrived on the scene ran our client through field sobriety tests and charged him with DWI in a Commercial Vehicle. This would have cost our client his employment, heavy fines and state surcharges, possible jail time, and would resulted in the loss of his CDL for at least one year.

Our attorneys prepared pre-trial hearings and held a conference with the judge and prosecutor. After Nave DWI Defense Attorneys attorneys described our client’s case and our potential arguments at trial, the prosecution resolved the case by offering our client a single count of “Parked on Pavement,” a no-point traffic ticket. Our client kept his job, his license, his CDL, and the money he would have had to pay in fines and surcharges.

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