Client was involved in an accident on his motorcycle while he was on a charity ride. Client had an injury to his toe and had to be hospitalized. At the hospital, client had his blood drawn. The blood ultimately came back at a .13. Client was charged with two counts of misdemeanor DWI. Due to intense negotiations with the ADA handling the case, we were able to avoid having the client’s license suspended while we were attempting to negotiate a disposition. Eventually we were able to negotiate a DWAI plea. This was an excellent result for the client as it resulted in client not having to plea to a misdemeanor. It also was due to our extensive work on the case that we were able to get the ADA to go outside of the county policy. Typically the ADA would not reduce a DWI charge where there was an accident or where there was a prior DWAI conviction. In this case we were able to get the result we needed even though there was an accident and our client had previously been convicted or DWAI by showing the ADA the weaknesses of the case.

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