Our client was a Veteran of several combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. While protecting our freedom, our client was wounded on the field of battle by an exploding IED. The explosion inflicted severe injuries on our client, including a TBI, PTSD, and injuries to his left leg that forced the amputation of that limb at the knee.

On the night of his arrest our client turned the wrong way down a one-way street in an area he was not familiar with. He was pulled over by police who initiated a DWI investigation. Despite the fact that our client had an artificial limb, he was put through filed sobriety tests like the “Walk and Turn” and “One Leg Stand.” He was arrested for DWI and several other violations. He refused to take any breath test, and was charged with a Refusal as well.

In this case our attorney team would not accept any initial offer and pushed the matter to trial. After the strengths of our client’s case were argued to the prosecution and to the Court, our client was able to resolve his case by pleading to one traffic ticket for driving the wrong way on a one-way street. Our attorneys also attended and won the Refusal Hearing. Our client’s license was protected, and he paid a small fine and surcharge.

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