In this case our client was charged with DWI and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. The client refused to submit to a breath test which meant that it was outside of the county’s policy to offer any reduction on the case. However, we were able to show the ADA that there were issues with the case and that our client had no criminal history. We were able to show the ADA through an alcohol evaluation that the client did not constitute an ongoing threat to society. Therefore we made the argument that our client deserved a deviation from their policy. We were also able to keep the client’s license intact during the pendency of the case by conferring with the officers and getting them to agree to an adjournment of the refusal hearing. As such, we were able to keep our client’s ability to driver for work and other necessities throughout the entire process. This case demonstrates our ability to get an equitable result for our client even when it is outside of a particular county’s policy. The client was happy to accept some responsibility for her actions, without the devastating results that could have come from a simple plea to the charge.

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