In this case our client made the very poor decision of drinking while he was driving with his teenaged son. When he went through a toll booth on the New York State Thruway, a trooper say our client drinking from a beer can. The trooper stopped our client and charged him with two felony counts of DWI because he had a person less than 17 years old in the car with him and an alleged BAC of .11. It is the policy of the DA in this particular county to not reduce these types of felonies. However, we were able to persuade the DA that it was an appropriate case to deviate from the said policy as this was our client’s first arrest and his actions where completely outside of his typically upstanding character. We were able to get a reduction to a misdemeanor DWI plea, thus allowing our client to avoid being labeled as a felon for the rest of his life but still allowing him to be accountable for his actions that day. The efforts of our team in this case allowed our client to continue living his life and working in his chosen field but also kept him accountable for his actions.

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