In this case our client was put in unfortunate situation of having to deal with his friend who was being belligerent and fighting at a bar. The bartender told our client to get his friend out of there or he would be forced to call the police. Our client unfortunately made the poor decision of driving his friend away from the scene to diffuse the situation. Apparently the police had already been alerted to the fight and stopped our client’s car. Our client was arrested for Aggravated DWI (alleged BAC .18) and common law DWI, both misdemeanors. The policy of this particular DA’s office is not to reduce Aggravated DWIs to non criminal violations. However we were able to explain that while it was not the best choice, our client was trying to diffuse a volatile situation. Our team negotiated with the prosecutor and showed that while the policy may not warrant a reduction the facts of this case did. Our team was able to secure an exceptional offer of the non criminal violation of DWAI in full satisfaction of all the charges. This allowed our client to accept responsibility but took into account the fact that he was trying to help his friend and other patrons avoid a violent situation at the bar. Taking all the factors into account our team was able to secure a plea that was outside of the prosecutors policy and may not have happened without the team’s diligent work.

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