Our client in this case has had ongoing issues of PTSD due to his military service. These issues facilitated his making a poor choice to drink and drive, he was ultimately stopped and arrested at a roadblock. Our client had a previous DWAI so it was the DA’s policy to not reduce this charge as it was his second offense. Our team wanted to help our client with not only his mental issues but to avoid a criminal conviction. We helped our client get into some intensive counseling that was specific to his PTSD and his military service. Through such counseling and treatment, our client was able to demonstrated that in dealing with his ongoing issues he was taking this matter seriously and that it should not be an issue for him in future. Our team was able to demonstrate these factors to the ADA and show that while our client had made poor decisions, he was particularly deserving of some consideration due to his service of our country. We were able to persuade the prosecutor to deviate from the policy and give our client another chance to avoid being labeled as a criminal. The hard work of our team and our client made it possible for him to plead to the non criminal violation of DWAI. Without the extra efforts of our team and client he could have ended up in a much worse situation.

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