In this case we had the unique circumstance of having a client who was charged with two misdemeanor DWI’s, allegedly with a BAC .12, who was not guilty of any crime. Client had gone to a house party and intended to call a cab when he left. However his cell phone was dead when he got back to his car so he chose to simply sleep in his car until the morning. At that point he could walk home. While he was sleeping he turned on the engine of the car simply to stay warm. During that time though the cops approached the vehicle and charged him with DWI. The case was exceptionally important to our client because he has a CDL and drives for a living. We were able to get letters from witnesses as to what happened with the client and the fact that the car had never moved after the client left the house party. We were able to provide these to the prosecutor and secure an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal. As long as our client is not arrested in the next six months the charges against him will be dismissed in their entirety. In this case it was important for the client to have a team that worked hard to clear an innocent driver from potentially devastating results of his arrest.

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