This client came to us, charged with a felony DWI. He was in a position that if he plead to the felony, which was the original offer, he would lose his career. He had been previously convicted of a DWAI and a misdemeanor DWI within the previous 10 years. In this case he was charged with having driven with a BAC of .19, which is considered an aggravated DWI in NY. We made motions on the case and were set for hearings on the issues of the stop and probable cause for arrest. We made one final pitch to the prosecutor and judge. Our client fully admitted that he was an alcoholic and needed help with his addiction. We proposed that our client be allowed to plead into the county’s drug court program. If he was able to remain sober and comply with the directives of the drug court program, he would be allowed to plea to a misdemeanor DWI with a term of probation to follow. The judge and the prosecutor agreed that this would serve both the community and our client’s interests. Our client plead into drug court and upon successful completion he will be able to avoid a felony conviction and maintain his career all while getting the help he needs with his addiction.

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