Our client was involved in a single car accident. An officer who was driving near by actually witnessed the accident. The client was ultimately arrested and charged with DWI; DWI above .08; and Aggravated DWI above .18; along with other traffic infractions. The only way our client could continue to work as he needed was to avoid the Ignition Interlock requirement, as such we needed a reduction to the traffic infraction of DWAI from the 3 DWI misdemeanors he was charged with. We started negotiations immediately and sent a letter of equities on our client’s behalf. Through this we were able to show that the client was in treatment, provided a safe facility for ask risk citizens in his community, and had started volunteering to help raise awareness about the risks of DWI. The ADA was able to justify a significant reduction based on our representations and negotiations. Our client was able to secure a DWAI plea which allowed him to avoid a misdemeanor conviction, and the ignition interlock requirements which allows him to keep work as he needs to.

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