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Why Choosing the Right DWI Lawyer Matters

Driving while intoxicated is a serious offense that can result in steep fines, driver’s license revocation, and jail time, among other penalties. In addition to the penalties for this charge, a convicted driver may face negative consequences when searching for a new job or applying to college or the military. A DWI conviction can affect […]

Written by on June 13, 2014


Surviving a Syracuse DWI Arrest

The word “arrest” means that you are being put in custody of a law enforcement officer and deprived of your liberty. Being put under arrest gives the police the power to restrain you. After you are put under arrest, most jails will allow you to contact someone else by telephone and visit with your attorney. […]

Written by on July 10, 2013


Understanding DWI Police Searches

The Fourth Amendment is the constitutional provision that places basic restrictions on all police searches. It prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures by the police. To be considered a “search” under the Fourth Amendment, there must be an expectation by a defendant of privacy in the area that is searched by authorities. Items found by the […]

Written by on July 6, 2013


DWI Arrests vs. DWI Detentions

A DWI arrest serves the function of notifying the community that an individual has been accused of a crime and also serves to try to deter the DWI suspect from committing other crimes. A DWI arrest may occur by a police officer (1) putting handcuffs on the DWI suspect or (2) by any act of […]

Written by on June 5, 2013


DWI? Your Course of Action from Traffic Stop to Court and Beyond

If you are pulled over on suspicion of a DWI in Syracuse, you’re already in some hot water. Without a doubt, you do not want to make things harder on yourself. Failure to take the proper course of action could result in further charges and harsher punishment. Therefore, you will want to employ the appropriate […]

Written by on February 28, 2013


DWI Crackdown: New Rules in New York

In a recent post, we discussed Syracuse DWI laws and the potential punishments faced by offenders. However, repeat offenders with three or more DWIs now face harsher punishment. In September 2012, Governor Cuomo announced plans for a new policy. The new policy aims to give New Yorkers more protection against crashes and fatalities caused by […]

Written by on February 2, 2013