Community Baseball

A quick drive from our office lays Oneida, New York, a town that is working hard to combat DWI charges. For the past five years, local high schools in the town have come together for the STOP DWI Baseball Classic. The baseball tournament is associated with education programs about the dangers of drunk driving and the effects it can have on families. The tournament had special significance this year because 2013 graduate of Oneida high school had been killed by a drunk driver in 2015.

In past years the event has been attended by over 1,000 people. Presentations by the New York transportation department and the Oneida County Sheriff’s office included talks about alcohol’s effects on drivers and a crash simulator to show both students and parents alike the types of accidents that can occur after driving drunk.

Community Efforts to Stop DWIs

We applaud community efforts like the Oneida Stop DWI Baseball Classic in educating young people and their parents of the dangers of driving drunk. We sponsor a criminal justice scholarship and we have teamed up with the application StearClear that to help combat drunk driving. StearClear deploys two drivers to your location if you are too drunk to drive.

One driver will take you home in your vehicle, and the other driver will follow in a separate vehicle to take the sober driver after you have reached your home. However, we realize that sometimes even with the best education or technological tools, individuals still get behind the wheel after having too much to drink. That is where we come in. We have the experience and skills to help protect your rights if you have been charged with a DWI.

DWIs for Individuals under 21

While programs like the Baseball Classic are helpful in educating young drivers not to drive under the influence, some young people on events like prom night or graduation end up drinking and driving. However, what many of these young drivers do not know is that the laws for driving under the influence while you are under 21 can be stricter than the laws for an adult who drives under the influence. A DWI can have lasting impacts on your life. It can affect your ability to get into colleges, scholarship opportunities, and can impact your ability to get a career.

In New York, underage drivers are prohibited from driving with even a small amount of alcohol in their system. While New York’s policy has marked a Zero Tolerance policy, the limit for drivers under 21 is .02 percent. The blood alcohol level for minors is set at .02 percent because there are certain mouthwashes and cough syrups that have trace amounts of alcohol. Additionally some religious celebrations like communion require consumption of small amounts of alcohol. However, this law is strict because a BAC of .02 percent may be less than one drink depending on body type and other factors.

How Can We Help?

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