DWI Crackdown: New Rules in New York

In a recent post, we discussed Syracuse DWI laws and the potential punishments faced by offenders. However, repeat offenders with three or more DWIs now face harsher punishment. In September 2012, Governor Cuomo announced plans for a new policy. The new policy aims to give New Yorkers more protection against crashes and fatalities caused by repeat offenders by broadening the rules allowing the state to permanently revoke driver’s licenses in the worst cases. Prior regulations allowed permanent revocation only if a driver was involved in two or more DWI crashes resulting in any physical injuries. The new policy looks at repeat offenses in general, allowing for permanent revocation in some cases, and a delay of the full reinstatement of driving privileges in other cases.

How It Works

The DMV can now review the lifetime driving record of all offenders applying for reinstatement. The application may be denied if an offender has five or more DWI convictions in his or her lifetime. Reinstatement may also be denied for those with three or more convictions during the prior 25 years plus any other single serious driving offense during the same period. These extraneous offenses include:

  • Fatal crashes
  • Driving-related penal law convictions
  • 20+ points assessed on a driver’s license during the aforementioned period
  • 2 or more driving offenses resulting in five or more points each

Additionally, this new crackdown policy will make it tougher for those whose license has been suspended to reinstate their full driving privileges within weeks of revocation. Previous laws allowed offenders to complete the DMV’s Drunk Driver Program, allowing reinstatement in as little as seven weeks, even if their license was originally suspended for six months to one year. Now, drivers with three or four drug or alcohol-related convictions – even without any serious driving offenses – in the last 25 years – will still have to wait until their revocation term is up before their driving privileges will be reinstated.

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