Gun Control Laws and DWI Offenders

Recent New York Gun Control Legislation

According to a report by US News on NBC, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Act in January. This law will give New York State the strictest gun laws in the nation. The new legislation is aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of people with felony convictions and mentally ill people who might be dangerous. The new law also bans high capacity magazines and assault weapons. and requires that gun sellers run instant background checks on all ammunition purchases at the time of sale. The new legislation requires everyone with a handgun license in New York to recertify every five years through their county of residence so that the state can establish an electronic gun license database that may be run against other databases containing the names of people who will be disqualified from possessing firearms, including those with criminal convictions for offenses such as DWI.

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