A new study by WalletHub examined 15 key metrics to evaluate, which states are strictest and which are most lenient for DUI offenses. The study rates the enforcement rules in all 50 states and D.C. to find out which states have the toughest crack down on DUI, comparing jail sentences, and those shown to have the biggest impact on repeat offenders, and the need for ignition interlock devices.

Arizona, Alaska, Connecticut are the top three on the list of strictest, while the three most lenient states for DUI are South Dakota, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania.

Arizona has the longest minimum jail time for first time offenders at 10 days and 90 days for a second time offense, while South Dakota has no minimum jail time for the first or even second offense.

New York ranked No. 30 as the strictest.

Specifically, for New York, a first-time DUI offense requires no minimum jail time, a second-time offense also requires no minimum jail time, a third DUI offense is considered a felony. A DUI offense in New York can affect your criminal record for 10 years, and your license can be suspended.

Although New York does not use the term “DUI.” The categories in question are Driving While Intoxicated and Driving While Ability Impaired, which are a lesser offenses and covers driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

To compare, No. 3 ranked Connecticut, requires a minimum of two days in jail and a second time offense requires 120 day jail term, and is considered to be a felony after the third offense.

A DUI offense can impact your criminal record for 10 years in Connecticut, and you’ll have your licenses suspended for a minimum of three months. And if you ever wanted to start your own company, you might be out of luck!

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