Sean D. Kelsey

As Chief Operations Officer Sean Kelsey manages the daily operations for the firm. These areas include areas such as Human Resources, Marketing, Budgeting, Client Relations, Employee Relations, Protocol Development, and Finance. Sean works on the implementation of the overall firm strategy. He ensures compliance with company standards, procedures, and regulations through collaboration with personnel for planning, growth, and oversight of all firm services and programs.

Sean is a graduate of the inaugural Executive Leadership Development Series. The program brought local business leaders and educational institutions together to focus on Leadership through the use of collaborated efforts provided by Columbia College, Syracuse College, Whitman School of Management, University College at Syracuse University, Empire State College, and Leadership Greater Syracuse.

When asked why he does what he does, the response was passionate: “People. I love what I do because of the people; the clients, the potential clients, the employees, the vendors, the competitors…they all motivate me. I believe that we have the BEST staff possible, not just for any law firm, but ANY business. They work with a purpose, and they are passionate about what they do and how they do it. Without our people, I genuinely feel like we would be like most businesses that struggle to find their identity; our identity is our people.

For the DWI GUYs to succeed, Mr. Kelsey believes we need to ensure that all the people within the organization appreciate all clients and potential clients because there is an overwhelming number of attorneys available to hire. “I don’t let the wide availability of other attorneys distract me from realizing what others do not; behind every “client” is a person who needs help, who needs guidance and protection in one of their most significant times of need. My love and passion for what I do are ignited when I can show potential clients, current clients, and our team just how powerful our work is and how we make a difference every day”.

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