I’m not one to write reviews but I think giving my opinion of this team to help others make the decision I had to is important.With my court date approaching I felt like all my options of attorneys sucked. My friend recommended dwi guys. I was hesitant due to their name. Seemed a bit corny. With limited options though, I went online and then spoke to them. I didnt have alot of money to pay a retainer fee and was at the risk of not getting a conditional license (I could have lost my job), but the Dwi team has a great payment plan and they were the first team to make me feel like they would really fight for me and my license.They listened to me and what I needed. They told me what my different outcomes could have been, the negative and positive, but in a nice mannor. Not a mean way.They also worked with me around my right schedule. I’m a manager of a restaurant, so my work schedule doesn’t collide well with alot of office jobs.The dwi team was willing to talk to me on the weekends and right up until the day and morning of my court appearance.My attorney was awesome. I ended up getting my .16 dwi dropped to a dwai and I have my conditional license.These guys are honestly a good choice.

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