After encountering a criminal charge, I originally retained counsel with another firm, and although that law firm’s efforts were significant, they failed to yield any results.

After nearly a year working with another firm, I retained the DWI GUYS and they immediately began work. They were flexible with my ability to pay, they were thorough in their review, and always prompt and courteous. Through extensive research they got ‘outside of the problem’ in order to look in and understand my ultimate objective, which was the preservation of my driver’s license.

Through their work and research we were able to administratively secure a ‘win’ that preserved my license separate of the court system. It was a tremendous win personally and one that ensured the protection of my job, my ability to provide for my family, and preserved my freedom to drive.

I have never worked with or heard of a law firm as responsive and accessible as the DWI GUYS, particularly my attorney Robert Clark. Answers were fast, honest, and helpful. I would recommend this firm to anyone facing uncertainty.

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