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A recent string of arrests in the New York for aggravated DWI have highlighted the seriousness of getting arrested for DWI with a prior offense or with a BAC over .18. While the stories below are only a few examples of aggravated DWIs in New York, the frequency that these stories are appearing shows that while penalties have increased, there are many who continue to operate vehicle under the influence, and many who have blood alcohol content well above the legal limit.

Recent Aggravated DWIs in Northern New York

A Chautauqua man was arrested last week and charged with felony DWI, aggravated DWI, and driving without a interlock device. The man was also charged with failing to submit to a breathalyzer test. The man’s blood alcohol content was .18, which is over twice New York’s legal limit. This was the man’s second DWI in the last ten years. As this man has had a previous offense and because his BAC was so high he was charged with an aggravated DWI.

In another case from Chautauqua, a woman was arrested for DWI in the Findley Lake area. After being taken to a local police station, it was revealed that the woman had a blood alcohol content of .22, over three times the legal limit.

An additional man from Tonawanda was charged with aggravated DWI after police observed the man driving down the shoulder of a road before hitting a curb. The man had a blood alcohol content of .25 percent. For context, studies have shown that those with BAC of .25 percent display a near total loss of motor functions and show little response to external stimuli. Drinkers with this BAC also typically fall into a stupor or lose consciousness. While factors such as food and medications are not included a 200 pound man would have to drink nearly an entire 12 pack of beer in one hour to have a BAC of .25 percent.

Additionally last week, a separate man was charged in Dunkirk for aggravated DWI. As the summer months and summer holidays come, it is likely that intoxicated drivers on the roads will increase. While longer daylight hours and clearer roads that improve driving conditions come with summer, there are also a higher number of people on the roads due to vacations and travel.

What is an aggravated DWI in New York?

New York law allows for more serious penalties for repeat offenders for DWI. If you have a DWI conviction in the last ten years in New York, and get arrested a second time, it will be a felony aggravated DWI. Aggravated DWI became officially codified in 2007. The set of aggravated DWI laws include harsher penalties and restrictions on plea bargaining.

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