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Our client was involved in an accident when one of his tires “blew out” and his vehicle left the road and struck a tree. Client did not remember anything else as his head went through a window. e was transported to a hospital by helicopter due to severe bleeding. Troopers responded and had a blood sample drawn which indicated a BAC of .13. Client has a prior AI from 2004. He had a previous attorney who secured a DWI offer but due to lack of communication the case was pending for close to two years. Our attorneys took over the case and submitted proof that the BAC result was likely inadmissible. Our client was able to enter a plea to one count of Reckless Driving, a non-alcohol related charge, in full satisfaction. Despite the new tough New York DWI laws, our client was able to keep his license.


Our client was driving back from a party and became distracted which caused him to stop paying attention and swerve out of his lane. He was stopped and ultimately took a Breathalyzer yielding a .13. Our client is enlisted in the Army, and the Army is currently reducing its numbers. Anyone who receives an alcohol related conviction can be discharged and their benefits are terminated. Our client confirmed this with his chain of command. After ongoing negotiations, our client was allowed to plead to one count of Reckless Driving and one count “Moved from lane Unsafely.” Our client was very happy that his Army career was not affected, as he plans on serving a full career and retiring from the Army.


Our client is a combat veteran currently serving in the Army who has been diagnosed with severe PTSD. Our client was approached by Troopers after he pulled over to rest. He submitted to a breath sample and blew a .15. He was ticketed with two counts of DWI, No Stopping/Standing on Pavement, and Improper use of 4 Way/Hazard lights. Our attorneys met with the ADA before the client’s arraignment and explained that he wanted to be a firefighter, was leaving the Army soon on a medical discharge. Through extensive negotiation and presentation of equities our client was offered a plea to one count DWAI, with the minimum fine. This allowed our client to pursue his chosen post-military career as a firefighter.


Our client is an air traffic controller for the Army and holds a security clearance. He was snowmobiling the night of his arrest and was stopped on his way home for operating a snowmobile after midnight. He was arrested and taken to the station where he blew a .23. Our attorneys explained that our client would lose his job/career with a misdemeanor conviction. By presenting legal proof regarding the BAC and equities tied to his career, we were able to obtain an SWAI (no criminal) result, protect our client’s job, and have the record of his conviction sealed.

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