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People vs. L.J

I’m not one to write reviews but I think giving my opinion of this team to help others make the decision I had to is important.With my court date approaching I felt like all my options of attorneys sucked. My friend recommended dwi guys. I was hesitant due to their name. Seemed a bit corny. With limited options though, I went online and then spoke to them. I didnt have alot of money to pay a retainer fee and was at the risk of not getting a conditional license (I could have lost my job), but the Dwi team has a great payment plan and they were the first team to make me feel like they would really fight for me and my license.They listened to me and what I needed. They told me what my different outcomes could have been, the negative and positive, but in a nice mannor. Not a mean way.They also worked with me around my right schedule. I’m a manager of a restaurant, so my work schedule doesn’t collide well with alot of office jobs.The dwi team was willing to talk to me on the weekends and right up until the day and morning of my court appearance.My attorney was awesome. I ended up getting my .16 dwi dropped to a dwai and I have my conditional license.These guys are honestly a good choice.

People vs. VC

Great people who really put all their effort into helping you out. Definitely would recommend to anyone who need their services.

People vs. AG

A great experience. Best lawyers you could ask for. Very upfront and honest. They fought very hard for me and got what i was looking for. Never have to worry because they keep you well informed about your case. If i called or text about a question i had i would have an answer with in the hr. No matter the time of day. Not also great lawyers but also great people. They helped to ease my stress and relaxe my mind. They work as a team to get the best results possible. If you ever find yourself in a situation such as dwi I recommend this team over anyone. Thank you DWI guys for all your hard work! Much appreciated!

People vs. CL

Had a great experience with these guys/gals! Always available and helpful in hard times. Willing to work with you at all costs. Got a great deal and would hire them again in a minute. Although I Hope I don’t have to . Thanks again for the great service!!

People vs. AS

They helped me get exactly what I want and communication was second to none.

People vs. DJ

Man I don’t know where to start! The DWI guys helped me a bunch with my DWI, I’m not sure another firm would’ve done the things they did for me. They have the most personable staff and really took my needs and expectations and exceeded them. My lawyer was great and the firm was even better. If you’re shopping around for a lawyer like I once was, stop here. After about a year or so of dealing with them I have nothing but good things to say.

People vs. LR

Professional and painless! Straight and to the point! Quick and easy! With Awesome results!!

People vs. KS

The legal team was always prepared for my court appearances. I received e-mails informing me of each step and confirming appointments. The Firm goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and at ease because they know the DWI laws

People vs. KL

The legal team kept me informed throughout the process without being overbearing. A well established firm that knows how to handle the situation as it is presented. A strong knowledge of the law, and knowing how to protect you and your rights.

People vs. KG

My attorney provided his personal cellular telephone number and was always available for questions or concerns. Communication was excellent he either provided information immediately upon receiving it or the legal assistant contacted us by telephone or email. Our team was always prepared for court appearances. Meetings were scheduled for strategy sessions and everyone was properly informed. Our legal team was compassionate and well educated in their field. They always made me feel that my case was important and that my livelihood was valuable and my quality of life was important to them!

People vs. KC

I went into court confident with what was going to happen, what to expect and that helped to keep the anxiety of being in the court room to a minimum for me

People vs. JR

My attorney extended superb customer service and availability. He proceeded through my case like a tactician and reassured me every step of the way. I was very happy with the outcome of my case

People vs. JM

I was supremely impressed at the level of professionalism that my attorney carries with him. He wasn’t there to be my friend or to tell me everything was going to be ok. He was there as my attorney. He gave me real life factual information that was intended to prepare me for my case and all possible outcomes. He never promised me anything or pressured me to do anything I didn’t want to do. I truly wish I didn’t have to go through this process but I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anybody but my attorney as my legal representation and with the power and prestige of the DWI GUYS”

People vs. JS

Very friendly. I wish I called sooner. Friendly, knowledgeable, and very good representation! Very professional!

People vs. JD

I could not have asked for a better legal team.I would and have recommended your services to friends and family.

People vs. JH

The team was very easy to contact and always returned calls or e-mails in a timely manner. My attorney’s team kept me aware of the status of my case even with the delays in getting the written agreement from the DA’s office. His team was always ready even when the DA wasn’t. I was advised of what steps I needed to take in a timely manner in order to help get the best possible outcome. A friend recommended the DWI GUYS to me and I am glad they did, and would do so myself

People vs. JV

I’m very satisfied with my representation. My attorney did an amazing job and I’m completely satisfied with the results. I would recommend my attorneys to anyone!

People vs. JS

My attorney was more than helpful in getting me the best possible outcome to my case. From observations made of other attorneys while in court, I feel that I was more informed and by far better prepared.

People vs. JO

The best part of this was getting the results I asked for before the case started. I would recommend the firm to family and friends because you get the results you want

People vs. ML

I would recommend you guys because you are very good when it comes to working with people in financial straights. Thanks! I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone with a DWI because my lawyer was great! He was very helpful and I had never gone through this before and to know that I could call whenever I had a question about something or needed more time on anything, he was very helpful because I know it’s easy to say court over and done, client over and done but is good about being there for me till ALL is said and done. I also like when I first called and explained my situation I was told not to worry because the guy that was on the phone with me had told me he had also gotten a DWI so it wasn’t the end of the world. That was a relief to know that even lawyers got DWI’s. I was also very glad that I didn’t have to pay out of pocket right away especially since I am not in a financial position to pay out of pocket the full expense it would have cost for representation. I just have to say my attorney has been very helpful through this whole first (and last) time experience! Thank you!

People vs. MC

From my initial contact with the firm, to my last court date, I was treated with a red carpet. EVERY ONE was courteous, kind, COMPASSIONATE, and knowledgeable. THANK YOU ALL! Especially my attorney who helped me get my life back

People vs. MP

My attorney was very competent and an excellent lawyer. I was lucky to have such good representation from him, thanks!

People vs. MD

Despite my difficult circumstances, my team studied my case, and drafted a concise strategy to win the outcome that I was hoping for. The team kept me informed, walked me through the necessary steps to comply with the legal process, and clearly explained what my responsibilities are after my trial. I would have no problem recommending the DWI GUYS to a family member or friend. Albany County is a tough venue for DWI defendants, but the DWI GUYS team realistically approached the challenge, and didn’t oversell the possible outcome. I am very happy with what I believe was a fair outcome given my actions.

People vs. MB

I felt confident I had good representation. Reliable and very professional firm. I have nothing but positive comments even though my conviction was painful. I MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE THAT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN!

People vs. LB

I was recently represented by the DWI GUYS for a legal matter and was beyond impressed with the level of professionalism, expertise, and guidance provided by my attorney and the rest of the team. I was consistently kept informed of the progress in my case and each step of the process was very clearly explained. Any questions I had were immediately addressed and I was always treated with the utmost respect and understanding. Working with the team at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys made an otherwise unpleasant situation as stress free as possible. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the excellent handling of my case and would highly recommend the DWI GUYS to anyone seeking representation for DWI defense

People vs. KH

Very helpful and knowledgeable with all of my questions. The best part of having the DWI GUYS Attorneys for my representation was knowing that I had the best attorney in my corner.

People vs. KY

I had many questions through out this situation. All of my questions were answered in a timely manner. I went into court confident with what was going to happen, what to expect and that helped to keep the anxiety of being in the court room to a minimum for me.

People vs. SL

My attorney was very well respected with the DA and the Judge. He got priority attention and made the rest of my court appearances tolerable for me

People vs. RB

This experience has been a life changing event in my life, my attorney and his team took the time to get to know me and how the best possible outcome could be obtained. They prepared me for the worst and I had to come to terms on behalf of my actions but the outcome was so over the top on the positive side I could not ask for more

People vs. RW

Best decision I made was hiring the DWI GUYS as my legal representation in this matter, just the name goes a long way. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome

People vs. RB

The best part of my representation with the DWI GUYS would have to be the great communication. Thanks to the Albany team for the support and help, very much appreciated

People vs. RB

They did a great job representing me. Despite the circumstances I was in, my legal that represented me did very well. It was an enjoyable experience and was well informed every step of the way. I wouldn’t have changed any part of my legal team. I would definitely recommend a family member or any one else that is in the situation I was. The DWI GUYS are very professional and very well at what they do.

People vs. NT

The best part of my representation was being able to call my attorney at any time of the day or week. Would not have changed anything, I believe I had a very good outcome of my case. Excellent legal representation

People vs. KM

My attorney was amazing, he kept me informed and was able to communicate with me on a level I was able to understand. He was also available if and when ever I had questions

People vs. AW

My attorney was always in control. Of course, with every court appearance, I was nervous but my attorney always reassured me that I needed need to be and just smile! The firm knows what they’re doing. Always comfortable, like a family member helping out.

People vs. WC

My attorney’s knowledge, professionalism and advice towards my case was in my best interest. Very prompt service and very informative on all questions needed to be answered, without any waiting, or playing phone tag. I have no reasons not recommend your firm. My attorney was helpful in every way and made me feel extremely comfortable in a bad situation that I had brought on myself. I have never had to go to court before, and my attorney made it as easy as it could be for me. I would recommend your firm, and especially my attorney to represent any of my friends or family. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

People vs. WC

They cared so much about me as a human who made a mistake

People vs. UK

My attorney is very knowledgeable. Staff is very friendly and responds quickly to questions. I had a very good representation.

People vs. TS

My team did an amazing job of answering all my questions and explaining things to me in a way I could understand. I always felt informed and prepared. My attorney met with me before every court appearance and went over everything with me. Extremely competent team. I had constant contact with my team and anytime I had a question it immediately got answered by text, call or email. Hands down, best at handling DWIs. I heard horror stories about DWI lawyers but was very impressed by my team. My attorney and his team are the best and I would recommend them to anybody

People vs. TS

The paralegal assigned to my case was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions in a timely manner, as well as communication with my attorney. The client service representative was very reassuring from the start in communicating with both me and my parents, who initially called. I felt that every team member I had contact with was expertly knowledgeable in the legal process of DWI’s and I felt to be in very good hands regarding my representation

People vs. AT

I was very impressed by the services offered. I would not hesitate in the future to hire them again or recommend them to a friend or family member thank you again for your help.

People vs. TB

I would recommend them on the grounds that I felt adequately represented me and worked as hard as they could to give me a good outcome. Although the outcome to my case was not exactly what I had wanted, it wasn’t bad. As stated before I feel that my legal team did everything possible to give me the best legal representation. The fact that there was even a small possibility of getting something other than a DWAI is a testament of how well my team represented me. It was a difficult period for me and with the DWI GUYS help I was able to get through it.”

People vs. TK

We were able to get the results required so that I can move on and rebuild my life. I would have like a quicker resolution, but results are more important. As lawyers that specialize in DWI law, they are more knowledgeable in that type of litigation

People vs. TB

My attorneys made me feel very comfortable when I was a nervous wreck. They kept me very informed. I could not have asked for any better representation. There is no reason why I would not recommend The DWI GUYS to anyone!

People vs. SK

During our first conversation, my attorney asked me what my goals were for this case. I outlined them to him and, at my sentencing, I received everything that I stated to him during our first conversation that was important to me. EVERYTHING. The outcome could not have been more favorable given the case against me. Somehow (I don’t know how, and, frankly, I don’t care), my attorney made it happen. I was entirely pleased about that, of course, but it was ultimately my attorney’s warmth and the comfort he provided me that got me through this ordeal. The team kept me fully abreast with the particulars of my case at all times. They told me everything I needed to know, and anything I needed to do. Once again, I cannot thank the team enough. They all made an entirely terrible situation decidedly not as bad. I am forever indebted to them and the DWI GUYS.

People vs. S.R

I didn’t feel once that I didn’t have a good representation with my attorney. Everything and everybody was very professional. At my first person to person meeting I felt very comfortable in the office and welcomed.

People vs. S.P.

My lawyer calmed me and eased my mind to his best ability when I was panic stricken. Great representation and results.


You informed me of your confidence that your office could help to get these felony charges and potential jail time that I was facing reduced. Within an hour I received a phone call from one of your lawyers. He did more than help me, his dedication, perseverance and expertise saved my life. I addition his work allowed me to be a mother for my children and to continue my education that I was so close to finishing. His uplifting remarks and straight forwardness kept my spirits high through this whole ordeal. He on multiple occasions even checked to make sure I was maintaining my sobriety and made me laugh when I was feeling discouraged. Those traits alone I would have never expected to receive from a lawyer. I am more than satisfied with his work performance and those in need should feel honored to have him on their side!


i had the opportunity to work with DWI guys, and they were really professional about getting my case resolved. They help me out to the utmost, they protected me in every way possible and they were very helpful in answering all my questions. The case was resolved and I was very happy with the outcome of the case. I had to deal with some corrupted law enforcement and these guys helped me by protecting me. I would recommend these guy any time..


I hired Nave Law to help out with a pretty scary issue with a ticket I got and a hearing that I accidentally missed. I was more than worried I would lose my Drivers License but they got it sorted out after just a couple of meetings. I truly wish none of this ever happened. But they made me feel a lot better & a fast sense of relief right after the initial call. I’d hire them again without a doubt.


The client relations with this firm is far beyond any other I’ve seen. They make you feel like a real person and each and every one of them go out of their way to take care of your every need. They make you feel extremely comfortable. Their knowledge of laws and how everything works is top notch. They were extremely helpful when I had any questions about anything that was going on. I wouldn’t recommend any firm other than theirs’ to anyone who needs legal council. They make sure that everything is fair to you and right. Absolutely perfect service.


My case was going nowhere with a public defender for months and I was scheduled to move cross country while risking getting stuck in NY on probation. My team advised me what to do and they worked with the DA and courts to make it possible for me to move along with my life within like 2 court dates. They also got me minimum fines which was a huge help. My specific attourney never failed to answer the phone to console my anxious questions and provide peace of mind through the experience. He was always on time and well dressed and confident when speaking with court staff. I don’t know what i would have done without them. I had an accident resulting in the charges and between the work i put in and my lawyer, most of the charges were dropped and i was able to go free for the most part. I did 4 weekends at county rather than 3 yrs probation.


I must first and foremost say, I was truly treated like family since day one.. Due to my past history I knew I needed to hire someone I could trust, my aggravated dwi with a alcohol content of triple the legal limit, got me a few classes to take and at the end of the 7 week (once a week) course my license was restored. Not a single minute in jail and not a single day of probation. And even during my seven week course I was allowed a conditional license till I completed the class! I am very thankful and grateful that I chose the dwi guys to handle my dwi.


After encountering a criminal charge, I originally retained counsel with another firm, and although that law firm’s efforts were significant, they failed to yield any results.

After nearly a year working with another firm, I retained the DWI GUYS and they immediately began work.  They were flexible with my ability to pay, they were thorough in their review, and always prompt and courteous.  Through extensive research they got ‘outside of the problem’ in order to look in and understand my ultimate objective, which was the preservation of my driver’s license.

Through their work and research we were able to administratively secure a ‘win’ that preserved my license separate of the court system.  It was a tremendous win personally and one that ensured the protection of my job, my ability to provide for my family, and preserved my freedom to drive.

I have never worked with or heard of a law firm as responsive and accessible as the DWI GUYS, particularly my attorney Robert Clark.  Answers were fast, honest, and helpful.  I would recommend this firm to anyone facing uncertainty.


The entire firm is phenomenal. I was in contact with many of them, namely Sean and Shane. Shane represented me and got me an outcome that I started to doubt was even possible. They’re great with communication as long as you are communicating with them. I am so happy I chose them when looking for an attorney. There are many options but I know from experience they will do what is best for you and work to get you the most favorable outcome. They’re not new to this and it shows immensely.


After being charged with a DWl I contacted the DWI guys. After speaking with them about my situation and the options I had there wasn’t a doubt in my mind these guys mean business! When your livelihood and freedoms are on the fence! U want someone who’s there to stand up and fight for you that’s what the DWI guys are about!


These guys are amazing. They’re on top of their game and are ALWAYS right there to help if you need it. I had a hard time financially after my accident and they were always willing to work out some sort of plan with me. Great people and amazing service!


I love the fact they’re very easy to communicate with never any waiting on dates or if I have a question. Extremely professional and very friendly. Also give the feeling that they really care about the case and that I’m not just another client, which is very comforting

People VS. S.P.

Everything was perfect thank you very much… I would highly refer you’re firm if needed in the future, and hopefully, God willing I will never.


I rarely do reviews but let me tell you, I’ve been dying to give my feedback about The DWI Guys’. Not only do they help you every step of the way along your journey with legal issues, but you will simply not find another firm that cares about their client as much as they do. There’s not a question that goes unanswered & they are ALWAYS there to help you. When attaining a lawyer my thing was price & communication and they were able to fulfill my expectations tenfold. I’ve been dealing with DWI Guy’s for several months now and simply cannot think of anything bad to say. If you’re lawyer shopping and stumble upon this review, stop here, you won’t regret it.


My attorney was very friendly, non-judgmental. And friendly, easy to work with. My attorney was very good.


I recommend your firm because you are the BEST! I would highly recommend.


I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the wonderful job you performed with my case. I called you and explained my case to you and told you what I expected an you rose to the occasion. I am very satisfied with the results and would recommend anyone in need of services to call you. You have been wonderful with keeping me informed throughout and most of all explaining the charges and detailed consequences. Even in my most vulnerable moments you kept me on track with hope but with reality. Again, thank you for all you help, it was well worth my expense to have you serve as my lawyer.


My attorney was very nice and great to work with. He keep in contact with me and not only cared about me, but also my family. I would recommend him to anyone. He is a great person and a lawyer. It was a difficult time for my family and I and my attorney helped us get through this tough time.


Terrifically organized and precise. Highly qualified for the case with a specific strategy. They were there 100% for me. The case at hand was handled greatly with great results. No reason not to recommend.

“Being in a position like this was embarrassing to say the least. Not knowing what questions to ask or how to proceed, I was scared.  But I felt that my legal team guided me through a very tough process. My attorney was there when ever I had questions and answered them to my satisfaction.”

“Professional and know what they’re doing. Really satisfied with everything. I have no plans on needing your help again, but you’d be my first choice!”


“Outstanding in this area! Very strong knowledge of the system. As a retired Police Lieutenant, and one who has both supervised and made DWI arrests, it was a pleasure dealing with our attorney. He was clear and concise. After 38 years in the law enforcement business, I know from experience, the level of competence was near the top! Keep up the great work! The DWI machine in New York State is gobbling up many who pay the awful price of conviction due to incompetent representation!”

People VS. M.R.

“I got a much better result than I thought I was going to get. This firm got me through what I needed to get through and they will do the same for whoever else needs help. I had a great experience with The DWI GUYS and couldn’t have asked for better representation.”

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