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People v. JT

They are amazing and helped me out so much. They work with you and get everything done in a timely manner. I would go to them for all my legal needs if I could.

People v. GW

Nothing but professionalism from them. I really felt like they tried their absolute hardest to help me. 10/10 would recommend.

People v. JM

I was charged with a DWI and I blew a .15 and my attorney was wonderful I went to the 1st appearance with my attorney and walked away with my license this was my 2nd offense so I would definitely recommend these guys

People v. DW

Being arrested for an alcohol-related motor vehicle incident is a humiliating and lonely experience, fraught with uncertainty. The team at the Nave Law Firm supported and defended me throughout the entire process, and mitigated that stressor. Dennis J. Nave, Managing Partner, was accessible and highly professional. Robert Clark, Attorney at Law, was sharp, congenial, and praised by the judge for the timely resolution of this matter. Jennifer Bisson, Senior Paralegal, ensured effective communication and Tyler Kurzinski, Client Advocate, was comforting and knowledgable at the outset of the process. A favorable outcome was the goal. All objectives were met, and the goal was delivered. I highly recommend this legal team.

People v. HH

My lawyer was very professional staying in contact with me and giving an idea of what the process would be. I am very thankful for this experience in that I will use this as a learning moment that ensures I will make the best decisions moving forward. Thank you.

People v. JD

Organized, fast, friendly, constant contact on updates and extremely knowledgeable. Results-driven firm. Highly recommend Dennis and Sean.  Staff is amazing as well..

People v. SP

I have nothing, but good things to say about the DWI guys! They gave me a great price for my legal services that seemed to fit the charges I was dealing with. They helped me stay on track with my payments and were prompt and super courteous and professional when responding to me in regards to my concerns. Not to mention they offer a great payment plan! I recommend them to anyone in need of legal services dealing with a DWI as I was super pleased with my results!


“Being in a position like this was embarrassing to say the least. Not knowing what questions to ask or how to proceed, I was scared. But I felt that my legal team guided me through a very tough process. My attorney was there when ever I had questions and answered them to my satisfaction.”


“I got a much better result than I thought I was going to get. This firm got me through what I needed to get through and they will do the same for whoever else needs help. I had a great experience with The DWI GUYS and couldn’t have asked for better representation.”

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