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My attorney was very friendly, non-judgmental. And friendly, easy to work with. My attorney was very good.


I rarely do reviews but let me tell you, I’ve been dying to give my feedback about The DWI Guys’. Not only do they help you every step of the way along your journey with legal issues, but you will simply not find another firm that cares about their client as much as they do. There’s not a question that goes unanswered & they are ALWAYS there to help you. When attaining a lawyer my thing was price & communication and they were able to fulfill my expectations tenfold. I’ve been dealing with DWI Guy’s for several months now and simply cannot think of anything bad to say. If you’re lawyer shopping and stumble upon this review, stop here, you won’t regret it.


Everything was perfect thank you very much… I would highly refer you’re firm if needed in the future, and hopefully, God willing I will never.


I love the fact they’re very easy to communicate with never any waiting on dates or if I have a question. Extremely professional and very friendly. Also give the feeling that they really care about the case and that I’m not just another client, which is very comforting


After being charged with a DWl I contacted the DWI guys. After speaking with them about my situation and the options I had there wasn’t a doubt in my mind these guys mean business! When your livelihood and freedoms are on the fence! U want someone who’s there to stand up and fight for you that’s what the DWI guys are about!


The entire firm is phenomenal. I was in contact with many of them, namely Sean and Shane. Shane represented me and got me an outcome that I started to doubt was even possible. They’re great with communication as long as you are communicating with them. I am so happy I chose them when looking for an attorney. There are many options but I know from experience they will do what is best for you and work to get you the most favorable outcome. They’re not new to this and it shows immensely.


After encountering a criminal charge, I originally retained counsel with another firm, and although that law firm’s efforts were significant, they failed to yield any results.

After nearly a year working with another firm, I retained the DWI GUYS and they immediately began work. They were flexible with my ability to pay, they were thorough in their review, and always prompt and courteous. Through extensive research they got ‘outside of the problem’ in order to look in and understand my ultimate objective, which was the preservation of my driver’s license.

Through their work and research we were able to administratively secure a ‘win’ that preserved my license separate of the court system. It was a tremendous win personally and one that ensured the protection of my job, my ability to provide for my family, and preserved my freedom to drive.

I have never worked with or heard of a law firm as responsive and accessible as the DWI GUYS, particularly my attorney Robert Clark. Answers were fast, honest, and helpful. I would recommend this firm to anyone facing uncertainty.


I must first and foremost say, I was truly treated like family since day one.. Due to my past history I knew I needed to hire someone I could trust, my aggravated dwi with a alcohol content of triple the legal limit, got me a few classes to take and at the end of the 7 week (once a week) course my license was restored. Not a single minute in jail and not a single day of probation. And even during my seven week course I was allowed a conditional license till I completed the class! I am very thankful and grateful that I chose the dwi guys to handle my dwi.


My case was going nowhere with a public defender for months and I was scheduled to move cross country while risking getting stuck in NY on probation. My team advised me what to do and they worked with the DA and courts to make it possible for me to move along with my life within like 2 court dates. They also got me minimum fines which was a huge help. My specific attourney never failed to answer the phone to console my anxious questions and provide peace of mind through the experience. He was always on time and well dressed and confident when speaking with court staff. I don’t know what i would have done without them. I had an accident resulting in the charges and between the work i put in and my lawyer, most of the charges were dropped and i was able to go free for the most part. I did 4 weekends at county rather than 3 yrs probation.

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