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The client relations with this firm is far beyond any other I’ve seen. They make you feel like a real person and each and every one of them go out of their way to take care of your every need. They make you feel extremely comfortable. Their knowledge of laws and how everything works is top notch. They were extremely helpful when I had any questions about anything that was going on. I wouldn’t recommend any firm other than theirs’ to anyone who needs legal council. They make sure that everything is fair to you and right. Absolutely perfect service.


I hired Nave Law to help out with a pretty scary issue with a ticket I got and a hearing that I accidentally missed. I was more than worried I would lose my Drivers License but they got it sorted out after just a couple of meetings. I truly wish none of this ever happened. But they made me feel a lot better & a fast sense of relief right after the initial call. I’d hire them again without a doubt.


i had the opportunity to work with DWI guys, and they were really professional about getting my case resolved. They help me out to the utmost, they protected me in every way possible and they were very helpful in answering all my questions. The case was resolved and I was very happy with the outcome of the case. I had to deal with some corrupted law enforcement and these guys helped me by protecting me. I would recommend these guy any time..


You informed me of your confidence that your office could help to get these felony charges and potential jail time that I was facing reduced. Within an hour I received a phone call from one of your lawyers. He did more than help me, his dedication, perseverance and expertise saved my life. I addition his work allowed me to be a mother for my children and to continue my education that I was so close to finishing. His uplifting remarks and straight forwardness kept my spirits high through this whole ordeal. He on multiple occasions even checked to make sure I was maintaining my sobriety and made me laugh when I was feeling discouraged. Those traits alone I would have never expected to receive from a lawyer. I am more than satisfied with his work performance and those in need should feel honored to have him on their side!


My lawyer calmed me and eased my mind to his best ability when I was panic stricken. Great representation and results.


I didn’t feel once that I didn’t have a good representation with my attorney. Everything and everybody was very professional. At my first person to person meeting I felt very comfortable in the office and welcomed.


During our first conversation, my attorney asked me what my goals were for this case. I outlined them to him and, at my sentencing, I received everything that I stated to him during our first conversation that was important to me. EVERYTHING. The outcome could not have been more favorable given the case against me. Somehow (I don’t know how, and, frankly, I don’t care), my attorney made it happen. I was entirely pleased about that, of course, but it was ultimately my attorney’s warmth and the comfort he provided me that got me through this ordeal. The team kept me fully abreast with the particulars of my case at all times. They told me everything I needed to know, and anything I needed to do. Once again, I cannot thank the team enough. They all made an entirely terrible situation decidedly not as bad. I am forever indebted to them and the DWI GUYS.


My attorneys made me feel very comfortable when I was a nervous wreck. They kept me very informed. I could not have asked for any better representation. There is no reason why I would not recommend The DWI GUYS to anyone!


We were able to get the results required so that I can move on and rebuild my life. I would have like a quicker resolution, but results are more important. As lawyers that specialize in DWI law, they are more knowledgeable in that type of litigation

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